Behind the Scenes of the Official Music Video for COUNTIN' DOWN SUMMERTIME

The Countin' Down Summertime music video might only be 4 1/2  minutes long, but it took MONTHS of planning! I am blessed to have had the help of so many people to make this shoot come together. 

From scouting the locations, to casting and filming, it was a D-I-Y team effort! i wrote Countin’ Down Summertime a few years back, and have since then dreamed of making a music video for it. As the script for the video started coming to life in my mind, I brought the ideas to my mom (who is my manager and also produced and directed the video), and for weeks we bounced ideas off of each other.  We did some additional brainstorming with our friend Frank (who was the editor on this project) and Megan (a family friend and filmmaker in NY). And BAM!  We came up with the perfect story line. From there, we went looking for a beautiful location that would be the ideal setting for a summer kickback in the country. We found a wooded area near a gorgeous lake just five minutes down the road in my neighborhood. And a family we never met allowed us to film at their gazebo. We also knew “timing” was key. The moon is a big part of this song, so we had to coordinate the shoot dates to match the time of the month when the moon would be big so that it would be visible on camera. 

After those logistics had been solidified, it was crunch time! Many of my friends volunteered to help out and be "party goers" for the shoot; several line dance regulars from a local country bar came out to dance on set; a local off road company (Dirt Trenz) loaned us an awesome tricked out jeep; and a local boutique (Chic Boutique) dressed the set with gorgeous hand-made dreamcatchers. It took a total of four days to shoot all of the scenes! My dad (who owns a video production company) was the Director of Photography, and my little brother Nick and a couple of his friends were production assistants. It was definitely a group effort to make all the elements of the shoot come together. 

I hope you enjoy my video full of tailgates, two-stepping and summer love!! OH .... and keep watching for the surprise ending! Comment, share, and let me know what you think!  :)

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  • Krista

    Krista IDAHO

    This was a fun video! You put alot of work into it. I love how it turned out! Great job

    This was a fun video! You put alot of work into it. I love how it turned out! Great job

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